About RENEW Des Plaines Car Body Shop & Painting

RENEW is a Des Plaines based car body shop and painting. RENEW auto body is a family run business that takes pride in the work we do for you. Pride has always been vital to our success and sets us apart from other shops. When you decide to use our services, you will see the difference that pride makes.

I have been in the auto body industry for 36 years. For all this time I served Des Plaines community in collision repairs and auto body shop services. It has been my honor to meet many good customers from Des Plaines and surrounding suburbs, who have become life-long friends.

I employ only qualified, expert technicians. Our experience is recognized by all the insurance companies that we work with on a daily basis. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers.
We of RENEW Des Plaines Body Shop would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our website, which is designed to help you choose your favorite Des Plaines body shop.
This years makes the 36th year of my work in the auto body industry. Over that period I have had the honor to met many customers who have become life-long friends.
Although most people come to our Des Plaines shop for a quick computerized estimate, after that initial contact they come back and get their work done by us because at ReNew Des Plaines Auto Body they receive personalized, courteous service, that other companies seem to overlook. With us, the customer always comes first.
I, as well as the staff, are trained experts in their fields. Because of these experiences in the field we are widely recognized by a multitude of insurance companies - this is an honor we are proud of and not afraid to tell you about. We work with insurgence companies on a daily basis - all on behalf of our customers.
RENEW Des Plaines Auto Body is family run business that has a philosophy of taking pride in any work we do. Yes, pride is necessary ingredient to our success - it always has been and always will be. It is something we feel sets us apart from other shops. If you decide to use our services you will see the difference pride makes.

If you by a chance don't want to use services of RENEW Des Plaines body shop here is a bunch of advises on how to find a decent auto body collision repair place in Des Plaines. First you need to determine what are you looking for. As in every business you would have better or worse body shops. The best way is to call bunch of body shops in Des Plaines and get a general impression on a place. We encourage you to check reviews on the Internet. You can make up your opinion about a local Des Plaines body shop by reading what people think about a particular car body shop. It's important to check if the body shop you chose employs certified technicians, which off course we do. Another source of information on local Des Plaines body shops would be Better Business Bureau website. We want to admit that RENEW Des Plaines Body Shop never received a single complaint from BBB.